Founder’s Message

Committed to explore and impart knowledge of Ayurveda , the ancient health science for the benefit of masses.

I welcome you all to Prakash Institute of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences and Research.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science of a great nation but due to various reason, it got subdued. Lack of documentation and lack of propogation have been important factors of its less popularity amongst the masses but we have taken up endeavour to popularise and propogate as much as possible.

Our country has huge population of more than 1250 millions and this much of population needs a lot of healthcare professionals. Due to improvement in healthcare facilities life expectancy is also going up & up. So people will live longer and again will require more health professionals to take care of them.

We have put our first step in this direction to generate health professionals in the field of Ayurveda but I ensure you they will be well versed in modern technology, particularly in the field of laboratory medical sciences and radio diagnostics.

“Chikitsak” belongs to the greatest and noblest profession of the world. He always thinks good & beneficial for the suffering humanity. He must have adequate wealth of knowledge along with humanitarian values like kindness and compassion.

Dear Students,

This profession will not only ensure you reasonably good money but will also ensure you greatest satisfaction, which you will drive from the blessing of the patients. Good knowledge can never be achieved without hardworking, punctuality, discipline and dedication. Communication skill is again very important for a doctor and you have to develop this art along with knowledge of Ayurveda.

Now a days Ayurveda is not confined in the boundaries of our country but western world is also experiencing the benefits of this greatest science of Ayurveda.

We will give you adequate opportunities to learn modern medical techniques because we believe that knowledge knows no boundaries.

We have a successfully running hospital inside the campus itself , where you will get opportunity to enhance your clinical skills as well. Our faculties and consultants of different specialities will not leave any effort to improve your knowledge and skill.

Wishing you very best for your carrier.

Dr V.S Chauhan
Managing Trustee

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